who are we?

SavorEat develops a new generation of meat alternative products which recreate the unique experience, taste and texture of meat in a convenient way and without a single animal in sight.  Our product is a combination of proprietary 3D printing technology, automatic cooking machine and unique plant-based ingredients that allow the creation of a variety of textures and designs that characterize meat.

In addition, our solution offers number of benefits over traditional manufacturing processes, including the ability to cook or grill the product simultaneously with the printing process and the ability to personalize the dish to fit consumer’s specific diet, lifestyle or medical condition.

game changer

Now, it is undeniable – the future of meat is changing. We want to be an active part of this revolution. Our technology enables meat lover and vegans to enjoy the unique meat experience in a sustainable and forward thinking way.

Our machine can print a hamburger tailored specifically to you! And we'll even cook it too. SavorEat's unique technology allows for you, the costumer, to enjoy a ready to eat personalized meal at the click of a button.


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Golda Meir 3, Ness Ziona, Israel  Tel. +972-8637-8883


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